Commercial & Wholesale Division

Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company is your first choice in Commercial and Wholesale Sales!

Moosehead Log Furniture Company can supply your business with any rail & log furniture products needed to showcase your business and/or to stock your retail store. We offer wholesale pricing to all retail outlets for re-sale and we offer the same wholesale pricing to commercial operations such as, resorts, log home companies, professional buildings, stores, restaurants, etc... Anyone looking to make our unique products a part of their commercial business!

Moosehead offers wholesale pricing on any log rails used in a commercial business. On all log accents and furniture used to decorate or design a commercial business such as store fronts, professional buildings, resorts, hotels/motels, etc... Wholesale pricing is available for all furniture purchased for retail sale. Moosehead will assist you in designing a furniture line that is exclusive to your store or business.

Moosehead will work with your architect, designer, contractor or builder to design the log accents and furniture that will make your business stand out. These items include, log posts, log beams & rafters, log rails, log mantels, log siding, and all rustic and log furniture designed and built to the exact specifications of your business.

Please contact us today to discuss your commercial or wholesale needs. We can be reached at 1-800-426-5647 or 1-507-373-5964. You can also email us at or click on the Info/Custom Requests tab and fill out the information sheet. At the bottom on the information sheet you will find a "comments" box to leave us detailed information about your commercial/wholesale business needs.

Thank you for your interest in Moosehead Log Furniture Companies Commercial and Wholesale Division.

We look forward to growing our business by helping you grow yours!