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Custom Products Division

If you cannot find the exact product you need in our standard products list/store we can typically help you in our Custom Products Division! At Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company we pride ourselves in building very unique products but sometimes you cannot find exactly what you are looking. Moosehead Log Rail & Log Furniture Company help you. Click on the Information/Custom Requests tab and fill out the custom request form and just tell us what you are looking for. We will get back to you in a timely manner with a price estimate for that product(s) designed to your exact needs. Please be very detailed when you fill out the request to give us much information as possible.

Custom Log Furniture
Moosehead Log Furniture Company will build your log furniture to the size and specs you need and require. Whether it's a custom sized tables, bar stools with swivels, stump bases, specific log sizes, custom stain colors, etc..

As you travel the site feel free to contact us with questions at 1-800-426-5647 or 1-507-373-5964 or email us at:

Thank You and we look foward to helping you acheive your "Log Dreams"