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If you cannot find the exact product you need in our standard products list/store we can typically help you in our Custom Products Division! At Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company we pride ourselves in building very unique products but sometimes you cannot find exactly what you are looking. Moosehead Log Rail & Log Furniture Company help you. Click on the Information/Custom Requests tab and fill out the custom request form and just tell us what you are looking for. We will get back to you in a timely manner with a price estimate for that product(s) designed to your exact needs. Please be very detailed when you fill out the request to give us much information as possible.

Custom Log Railings
Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company builds ALL railing systems by custom order only! Some rail systems require that they be installed by and others can be installed by yourself or contractor. NOTE: This will limit how and where we ship Moosehead rail systems. Once we know your exact needs, building location, and install requirements we will inform you of availability. All exterior rail systems are available in hand drawn Northern White Cedar to withstand tough exterior conditions. All Interior rail systems are available in Natural Peeled Pine and hand drawn Northern White Cedar. All rail systems come partially constructed with some ON-SITE cutting and fitting required. If Moosehead does the installation all cutting and fitting is done by us. If others do the installation ALL cutting and fitting is the responsibility of the OWNER and the INSTALLER and Moosehead is NOT responsible for any errors made during the install. The basic requirement for a rail system price quote is a detailed sketch of the amount of straight rail that runs along loft edges, stair openings, decks, porches, etc... AND the amount of "drop" railing that runs down any stairs that require railings-loft stairs, basement stairs, deck/porch stairs, etc... You can email or fax us your sketch and we will call or email you with any questions. NOTE: it is VERY important that we get accurate dimensions of your rail project! Call us if you are unsure of what dimensions we need.

Please click the sample railing sketch to see a drawing sample you will need to submit to get an accurate railing estimate from us. Please contact us with any questions,, or 1-800-426-5647 Fax# 1-507-373-5964

As you travel the site feel free to contact us with questions at 1-800-426-5647 or 1-507-373-5964 or email us at:

Thank You and we look foward to helping you acheive your "Log Dreams"