Building Green

Building log products for a greener tomorrow!

Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company believes that building "green" is the future, and we try to do it in all areas that are practical and cost effective for our customers!

At Moosehead we are fortunate to build most of our products from second and third generation log products. Meaning that most wood is from farmed or planted trees. Most of our stock that is under six inches is also stock from tree thinning- which means that the stock is refuse that is cleared to make the other trees stronger and healthier. The balance of our log stock comes from small trees that area cleared during logging operations and we are able to use the tree's that are too small to be used by large logging operations. We use approximately 60% pine, approximately 30% cedar, and about 10% misc woods.

We also have begun a line of recycled pine products that is re-used from old grain bins built over 100 years ago! This not only gives our products a unique look but allows us to re-use old growth timber from a bygone era! These products are used in table tops, chairs, stools, bar tops, shelving, etc...

Our products are built of a very high quality that will last for generations to come. Meaning that you won't be throwing it into a land fill in ten years to buy more- Moosehead is built to last!

Moosehead uses all water borne finishes on our products do to the fact they are much better for the environment and do a great job to protect your interior project.

At Moosehead Log Furniture Company we know that "green" is the future and we will do our part to build a greener tomorrow.

You can count on Moosehead Log Furniture Company to do our part and do what is right!