At Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company unique products, designs, and wood styles are what help us stand out among other companies.

Moosehead Log Furniture Company has a core of furniture products that make up its product line. We also do custom building for our log railings and specialty furniture items. While every piece of furniture is unique and one-of-a-kind we encourage you to order from the standard product line to save you time and money. Where this is not possible, we will design and quote custom built pieces- keep in mind that all custom built pieces take more time to complete and are typically MORE expensive.

**Standard Furniture Items

Log Beds-straight rail- Pine or Cedar, dressers, chest & night stands, sofa tables, end tables, & coffee tables, legged tables & chairs, bar or pub tables, bar stools, log mantels, coat tree's, log benches, some misc. items.
**Note- Furniture items are considered "standard" if ordered in pre-determined sizes as listed. Lead time for standard items is typically 4-6 weeks depending on availability of raw materials for item(s) ordered. Some items available 2-3 weeks!

All standard items are available in natural peeled or hand hewn. Most of these products are also available in the TimberBark or Hewn Timber line but must be ordered under the custom built furniture division.

Log Beds-Straight Rail: Available in Natural Peeled or Hand Hewn log styles. All beds are 54" high on the Head board end and 36" high on the foot board end. These log beds are available in Pine or Cedar. All straight rail beds come with 3 coats of clear finish and are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Many other styles of custom log beds are available through our custom built furniture division-click here to go to the custom built furniture division.

Kitchen & Dining Tables: Available with log legs in sizes ranging from 36"-96" tops made from 2" thick kiln dried pine(cedar available for an additional charge). 3 coats clear finish. Stump bases also available in our custom built furniture division.

Dining Chairs: Available in pine or cedar for standard chairs and captain chairs with arms. Standard chair height except for special requests. #coats clear finish.

Pub or Bar Tables: Typically 38"to 42" tall and available in pine or cedar. Tops are typically 2" pine but can be ordered in cedar for an extra charge. Tops for these tables can be square or round and may 3 or 4 legs depending on size. Stump bases are also available through the custom built furniture division. 3 coats of clear finish.

Bar & Island Stools: Moosehead produces 2 different standard stool heights 24" and 32" to cover the needs of most people. Custom heights can also be built to your exact needs. Stools are available with and without backs and captain stools are available with arms. Custom swivels are also available by special order/charge. 3 coats clear finish.

Coat Trees: specified when ordering these coat trees up to 7' tall. All coat trees have a half log base to prevent tipping & wobble.

Sofa Tables: Sofa tables are typically 30" tall and are anywhere from 24" to 48 " long and 14"-16" deep. They are available with or without a bottom shelf. 3 coats clear finish.

Coffee Tables: Coffee tables range from 30" to 48" square with custom sizes available. Rectangular tables range from 24"x36", 30"x42" and 36"x48"- custom sizes also can be specified with rectangular tables. Typically 16' or 18" tall. 3 coats of clear finish.

End Tables: Tables are available 22", 24" or 26" tall and tops are 16", 18" or 20" wide. A bottom shelf is standard and a 1 drawer option is available for an extra charge. 3 coats clear finish

Dressers: 3 to 6 drawer dressers in either side by side or stand up are available. Typical side by side are 5' or 6' long and 32" tall and are available with a custom log mirror. Stand up dressers are typically 36" to 48" wide and are up to 76" tall and can have 4-6 drawers. All have quality bearing drawer glides, custom pulls-wood with other options available for an extra charge. 3 coats of clear finish

Chest of Drawers: sizes range from 24" to 36" wide and up to 60" tall and will have 3-6 drawers. All the same specs as the dressers above. 3 coats of clear finish.

Night Stands: Available 26" tall with tops that are approx 16" square. No drawer, 1 drawer and 1 shelf and 3 drawer models are available. High quality bearing drawer glides and 3 coats of clear finish are standard. Tops available in pine or cedar and custom sizes are available.

Log Mantels: Available in pine or cedar and will be 4"-8" thick and are typically 10"-12" deep. Lengths are 4'-8'. See the "Log Mantels"(click here) page for more detailed information on our log mantels.

Log Benches: Seats are available with square or natural edges on 2 sides and are 2" thick, 16'tall and approximately 12" deep. Log legs are standard and backs are an option for an additional charge. 3 coats of clear finish. Available in pine or cedar.

Custom Built Log Products

All custom or non-standard items are built on - "per piece" basis for any customer. These would include all wholesale and commercial projects-we WILL build to your specific needs! This would also include ALL log railings, some log mantels, stump based products, game tables, curve top beds, any custom log building components, some misc. items, and any items built with the Timberbark or Hewn Timber product lines.
Lead time is 2-4 weeks longer than the standard product line.

Log Railing Systems: Due to large project variations and building locations ALL Moosehead Log Railings are bid and reviewed on an individual basis. Please see the Custom Railings page to get detailed information about Moosehead Log Railing Systems.

TimberBark Products: Moosehead can supply nearly our entire furniture line in our unique TimberBark series. TimberBark is our custom "bark on" cedar furniture line that replicates the look of hickory bark furniture with approximately a 25% savings! All TimberBark products are kiln dried and hand finished with several coats of special finish to lock-in the color and lock-on the bark.

Antique Pine Furniture: Moosehead Log Furniture Company offers a complete line of antique wood furniture. This unique wood is recovered from old barns, grain elevators, and other buildings-some over 150 years old! This product is allowed to keep the old saw marks, nail holes, dents and the actual nails when possible to give each piece a true "one-of-a-kind" product. Products offered in this line include: tables, stools, chairs, bar tops, and other custom designed pieces.

Custom Log Components: Moosehead can supply any and all components for your home, cabin, or large COMMERCIAL project. This includes custom log beams, rafters, straight & flared posts, log rails, log siding, log mantels up to 16', and any other log accent your project would need. Please see the "Log Accents"(click) page for detailed log component information and ordering options.

Unique Stump Base Products
Moosehead offer a complete line of Stump Based products. We harvest the actual tree stump base and use it for kitchen & bar table stables, benches, support posts, etc... Stumps can be made from Pine or Cedar and lead time is approximately double due to extra drying and processing times. All stump bases have a 3 coat clear finish. Please order early!

Bar Tops: All bar tops are available in Pine and can be 1.5" to 2.5" thick. They are available with straight or natural edges. All bar top inquires are reviewed on a per customer basis.

Custom Chain Saw Carvings: Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company offers a limited supply of custom chain saw carvings from our renowned chain saw artist Dan Sorenson of Albert Lea, MN. Dan offers a few "standard" pieces that are available in our On-Line Store as well as a limited number of custom pieces that can be ordered per your request. Note- custom chain saw pieces are only available per a pre-qualifying call to Dan. We will put you in contact with Dan & you call us at 1-800-426-5647 or email us at Lead times for "standard or in-store" pieces will be approx. 4-6 weeks. ALL custom pieces will vary and will be set at time of your qualifying call.

Unique Log Beds: Moosehead has wide range of log beds that include Bunk beds and Curve top beds, these beds are available in limited quantities and need to be ordered as early as possible. Our log bunk beds are available in twin/twin, twin/full, and twin/queen sizes. Curve top beds are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. All Moosehead curves are natural and NOT bent by us, so no two beds or curves are ever alike! Please note that ALL TimberBark and Hewn Timber Beds fall under this unique bed category due to their limited availability.

Log Bar or Island lights: This is a very unique product that is only available from Moosehead Log Furniture Company. These lights are designed to fit over and accent pool tables, islands, peninsulas, or any area that requires direct overhead lighting. The lights are available with 2 to 6 light fixtures and can be built in lengths from 2' to 8' long. We can supply the light fixture for you OR we can direct you on what type of light you can buy yourself - for a total custom design! Logs are typically 4"-8" thick, 10"-12" wide. Fully wired and ready for your electrician to hook up- But you must have a strong anchor system in the ceiling to support these lights. 3 coats of clear finish.

Miscellaneous Items: This would include all custom lamps, shelving, holders, and any other custom items you can come up with that are NOT listed in the standard items above. Please note that we will attempt to fill al orders for ANY product idea or need you bring to us!

Please note that while many items are considered "custom" at Moosehead Log Furniture Company we will ALWAYS attempt to reduce lead and delivery times on ALL standard and custom products when possible. Please call us with any specific needs or requests.

All Moosehead furniture products carry a limited warranty for a period 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty includes defects due to materials or workmanship. This warranty EXCLUDES damage from normal usage, wear on ALL finishes, acts of god, any damage caused by outside sources beyond the control of Moosehead Log Furniture Co. ALL Moosehead Railing Systems carry a limited 5 year warranty for materials and workmanship done at our shop in Albert Lea, MN. ALL other labor is warranted thru the completion of installation- IF DONE BY MOOSEHEAD! All Moosehead rail systems MUST be inspected on a regular basis and maintained if needed BY THE OWNER to assure the rail system(s) is safe for use after installation. This includes visual inspections to include finish inspections and structural inspections. ALL finish & maintenance for EXTERIOR rail systems is the responsibility of the OWNER! Lack of proper maintenance for any Moosehead rail system VOIDS all warranties from Moosehead Log Furniture Co. This warranty and its exclusions applies to both interior AND exterior railing systems supplied by Moosehead Log Furniture Co.