Logs, & Wood Styles

At Moosehead Rail & Log Furniture Company unique products, designs, and wood styles are what help us stand out among other companies.

Log Styles

Natural Peeled - This log product has a natural hand peeled appearance that allows you to see the log exactly how it is- no mechanical process is done to the log except to peel the bark off by hand or with high pressure water. This process maintains an appearance that allows you to see the log in its natural state including- knots, curves, bumps, burls, bug tracks, etc... -This log type is available in Pine or Northern White Cedar.
-It is used in interior rails, interior furniture, log mantels and some exterior furniture. This is not a good log for exterior railing.

Hand Hewn(draw knifed)- This log product has a knifed appearance that is produced by having the bark removed and then the surface of the log is shaped with draw knife to give it a rustic appearance. This log has a more uniform look due to the knifed appearance while still maintaining a unique look due to the random knifing done to each piece. This log will also have a heavier look than the natural peeled log.
-This log is available in Pine or Northern White Cedar.
-It is best used for all exterior railings in Cedar and can be used for interior railings in Pine or Cedar. It will also be used for most exterior furniture in Cedar and can be used in Pine or Cedar for interior furniture and log mantels.

Bark On-Timberbark- The bark-on or Timberbark is a Moosehead exclusive log product. This log is best compared to "hickory" furniture in appearance but sells for approximately 25% less!
This log is as its name implies, bark-on! This is typically Northern White Cedar that is carefully harvested to maintain the integrity of the logs bark surface. The logs are cut and the bark is protected from the day it is cut to the day it is delivered to you as a finished product. This product gives the log a dark bark appearance that when finished with our exclusive Moosehead water-based sealing system produces a hard durable finish that gives a one-of-a kind appearance that will last for years to come!
-This log is available in Northern White Cedar and is only available in limited quantities throughout the year due to its limited availability.
-The log is used exclusively for interior log furniture.

Hewn Timber(square)-
aHewn Timber
This product is square in appearance with knifed edges. This gives a very unique square log appearance to any piece of furniture or rail.
-This log is available in Pine or Northern White Cedar.
-It is available for furniture, mantels, and INTERIOR log railings.
-Quantities are limited for this product and lead times can be up to double for some items. Please call early when ordering this product. All Hewn Timber is kiln dried and comes with 3 coats of clear finish. Custom staining is available for an extra charge.

Wood Styles

Moosehead Log Furniture Company offers wood styles for all tops, seats, benches, bar tops, shelving, etc...

a Pine - This can be Red Pine, White Pine and Jack Pine depending on the product. Typically we use White Pine in table and bar tops, Red & Jack Pine in rails and furniture. All pine products are kiln dried with the exception of old or antique pine.

a Northern White Cedar- Used in many of the same places as Pine, BUT is exclusive to any outdoor products-this includes ALL tops or logs. Limited Availability!

a Antique Pine- A Moosehead exclusive, this wood is Pine that is re-claimed from old buildings that are over 100 years old! This product is very unique and is only available in Limited Quantities.


All Moosehead products come with a 3 coat CLEAR finish unless otherwise specified by the order. Custom stain colors are available for an extra charge. Antique Pine products are typically finished with a Tongue Oil product. All products can also be ordered WITHOUT finish if desired!